Catering & Associated Services

"We believe, in the hostile environment of the South China Sea, a tired man coming off a twelve-hour shift needs fresh laundry, clean comfortable quarters, and most importantly, a damn good meal."

Alfa-Meli Sdn. Bhd. is a 100% Bumiputera company and has been involved in the catering services since 1979. Our catering contracts located at offshore Terengganu are managed by local Terengganu nationals. Catering is a creative occupation which, together with the provision of planned and professional housekeeping and janitorial services, is an essential part of a working environment.

We can provide a complete catering and its associated services for both offshore drilling and production platforms as well as drilling barges. We have the necessary experience of providing excellent services, as proven by our extensive track records and continuous contracts renewal from our customers.

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Offshore Services


Onshore Services


Catering Services

100% halal and guaranteed five star meal standards. From beverages to pastries and to the main dishes, we have menus to cater to all kinds of palates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Competent Catering Manpower

We currently employs more than 400 skilled crew (Chefs, Cooks, F&B personnels) with extensive work experience, some with more than 30 accumulated years on barges, workboats and platforms.



Houskeeping, cleaning and laundry services are at the essence of what we do. Our attention to detail, fresh linen and extra personal touches will ensure your residents feel pampered even in the rough offshore climate.

pest observation

Pest Control Services

We specialises in the prevention and extermination of unwanted pests and we always strive to maintain a pest-free environment.